Maternity benefit

Eligibility criteria

You may apply to us for maternity benefit if:
  • You are expecting a baby or have already given birth
  • You are not a member of a statutory health insurance scheme but are covered by private insurance or family insurance with a statutory health   insurer (e.g. via your husband) at the beginning of the six-week maternity protection period


  • You are employed (e.g. mini-job) and are not receiving a wage due to maternity leave


  • Your employer terminated the employment relationship due to the pregnancy or the maternity leave period after the birth with the agreement of the relevant authorities

Entitlement to maternity benefit is based on section 19 (2) of the Maternity Protection Act in conjunction with section 24 i Social Code V.


You cannot receive maternity benefit from us if, for example:
  • You are compulsorily or voluntarily insured in the statutory health insurance scheme, even if you are in marginal employment (mini-job). In this case, please contact your health insurance company
  • Your employment relationship ended by mutual agreement or due to the contract ending before the beginning of the maternity protection period
  • You are a housewife/homemaker
  • You are a civil servant, unless you switched to an employment contract during maternity leave or have one as part of a part-time job
  • You are solely self-employed, freelance or undertake fee-based work
  • You are a student/school pupil without additional (also marginal) employment
  • You are a managing director or shareholder-employee who has a significant influence on company decisions (e.g. because of your equity stake, due to a blocking minority or for other reasons)
  • You are on unpaid special leave/leave, which does not end until after the protection period, and you have not engaged in any other active employment relationship during your leave
  • You are on parental leave, which does not expire until after the protection period for the expected child, and you are not employed on a part-time basis during the parental leave period.