Maternity benefit

Maternity benefit office

The Federal Office for Social Security (BAS) is responsible for paying maternity benefit in Germany in certain cases.

Women are entitled to make a claim if they are not a member of a statutory health insurance scheme at the beginning of the six-week maternity protection period, but are covered by private health insurance or family insurance (e.g. via their husband). In addition, they must be employed (e.g. a mini-job) or the employer must have terminated the employment in a permitted manner during the pregnancy or the maternity leave period after the birth. The maternity benefit is paid in a single instalment and is a maximum of 210 euros.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about maternity benefit, eligibility criteria or submitting an application. We aim to respond quickly.

Avoid transmitting sensitive personal data. Appeals (objections) must be made in writing (by post) or by De-Mail. If we need to refer to your personal health information in order to answer your question, it is not possible to do this by email or by De-Mail for data protection reasons. In this case, you will receive a response from us by post.

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Telephone consultations and all correspondence are provided in German only. Likewise, the application forms are only available in German.