Maternity benefit

Enquiring about the status of your application

The status of your application can be checked online at any time using the webpage

Any missing documents relating to your application can also be forwarded to us later on via this webpage. You can see whether any documents are still missing by the status “Warten auf Dokumente” (Waiting for documents).

The meanings of the status messages are as follows:

Eingegangen (Received) Your application has been registered but is still pending.
In Bearbeitung (Being processed) Your application has been assigned to a processing officer. You will receive further information by post.
Warten auf Dokumente (Waiting for documents) Your application is still being processed. We have written to you to ask you to submit the documents that are still missing. You can also forward these documents to us online at
Abgeschlossen (Completed) The processing of your application is complete and you will shortly receive notification.